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Cantilever Constructions

The cantilevered stairs are a further development of the "Wachenfeld staircase" principle.

The invisible, one-sided wall fixing with steel reinforcement enables the solid natural stone to cantilever into the room as if weightless. Wachenfeld also supplies slabs and balconies to match the cantilever stairs, which are invisible fixed into the wall using the same technique.

The Fantasie of the Planners no borders are to be let become set its ideas reality. It is in the range shop fitting, office organization or in the private living range.

KGT 01

Mocha cream staircase with glass railing

KGT 02

Stairs made out of Paloma limestone

KGT 03

Stairs made out of Nero Assoluto

KGT 04

Stairs made out of Volakas

KGT 05

Stairs made out of Nero Assoluto with glass balustrades

KGT 06

Cantilevered stoneplate with brass railing

KGT 07

Privat Haus - Essen

Cantilever stairs construction those did not strut steel cables serve as safety against falling and have any basic or constructional function.

Design: AEDES- Studio for architecture and interior
Material: Marble-Jura Yellow

KGT 08

Stairs made out of Matrix Lether

KGT 09

Material: Wood

KGT 10

Stairs made out of Limestone

KGT 11

KGT 12


KGT 13

Nero Assoluto

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