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Facade cladding made of natural stoneWachenfeld Facades

An individual facade cladding made of natural stone brings colour and variety to urban or rural surroundings. Natural stone can be used in a variety of ways and ensures a high recognition value for your building due to the different structures and colours. Therefore, trust us as experts in the design and enhancement of your facade.

Since 1883, as a fifth-generation family business, we have been practised in lining various buildings with extraordinary and appealing facades. Our references speak for themselves - we offer our customers high quality and reliability.

In the field of ventilated facades, the focus is on natural stone processing. We have been active in this field for a long time now and are constantly developing in order to continue to offer you the best natural stone facades. In addition, natural stone is a more cost-effective product than metal or glass - with natural stone facades, it is mainly the amount of work that contributes to the price.

Natural stone facade cladding for your buildingindividual and durable

Natural stone is particularly suitable as a material for your facade because it is not only visually eye-catching, but also durable due to its high quality. The facade is robust and resistant - even in particularly difficult weather conditions. Natural stone facades also provide good protection against heat and cold and store heat so that the building does not heat up in summer.

Our own stone production in combination with modern anchoring systems is a decisive factor in the success of this product line. We only use quality materials in facade construction and thus offer the highest quality to our customers' demands.

If you have any questions, we will gladly take enough time for you and advise you in detail and individually. Trust our expertise in the areas of facade construction and cladding in Volkmarsen, Höxter and Kassel. We have always had a very high level of customer satisfaction with our products and hardly any complaints.

For your enquiry, please use our contact form or get in touch with us by phone: 05691 / 80 46 - 0.

Gerhard Domagk-Straße, Düsseldorf

Material: Limestone

Company Paul, Wildflecken

Material: Azul Imperial

Villa Frankfurt

Material: Sandstone grey

Airport Hotel Dublin

Material: Golden Stone and Serpentine

Lelbach forester's lodge

Material: Sandstone facade

Bewleys Hotel Leeds

Material: Sandstone and Basalt

Bewleys Hotel Dublin

Material: Sandstone and Basalt

Charlotte Quay

Material: Limestone and Granite

Horticulture Kassel

Material: Vanga Gneis

Hotel Opera

Material: Sandstone yellow

Hotel Lind Rietberg

Material: Sandstone yellow


Material: Dietfurt limestone

Marriott Hotel

Material: Sandstone red and Jurassic limestone

Sparkasse Warburg

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Villa Kassel

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone" and Basalt

Villa "Simon"

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Hammer-right masonry in the plinth area. Ventilated façade construction above.

Commerzbank Kiel

Material: Scottish sandstone

Renovation of the historic bank building, ventilated façade construction.

Christ Church Kassel

Material: Shell limestone

Kasseler Bank

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone" banded

Ventilated facade construction.

"Inselspitze Stralau" Berlin

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Facade construction

Private house

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Sandstone profile elements

Church Wiesen

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Sandstone profile elements

"Libori Galerie" Paderborn

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Facade construction - detail view

Hessischer Rundfunk Kassel

Material: Porphyry

Facade construction - detail view

Grebe forester's lodge

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone", Basalt

Facade construction

Villa Ultan Herr

Material: Nero Assoluto

Kreissparkasse Lippstadt

Material: Dietfurt limestone

Hunzinger Frankfurt

Material: Dietfurt limestone

Hotel Europe, Killarney

Material: Dietfurt limestone

Primark Essen

Material: Nero Assoluto


Material: Golden Stone


Mosa 1 ventilated facade

Material: Ceramics

Kasseler Bank

Material: Dietfurt limestone

La Strada, Kassel

Material: Dietfurt limestone

PraDus Düsseldorf

Material: Dietfurt limestone

Kettenhofweg, Frankfurt

Material: Dietfurt limestone

Degerstraße, Düsseldorf

Material: Dietfurt grey

Greifweg, Düsseldorf

Material: Green Gneis

Warschauer Str., Berlin

Material: Dietfurt limestone

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