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Wachenfeld Produktlinien

The Wachenfeld staircase range offers the unique opportunity of displaying (in the materials of stone or wood, depending on the Type of staircases) the steps such that these are visible on all sides, without supporting structural members marring the effect. With this kind of staircase, known as overhanging stairs, the structural elements are reduced to classic design products. Thanks to the comprehensive product range, customers are able to choose a floor covering to match their staircase and, if required, to have this enhanced with high-grade inlay work.

Spiral stairs

Spiral stairs - Staircase

Steel cheek stairs

Steel cheek stairs

Steel cross-beam stairs

Steel cross-beam stairs

Pin stairs

Pin stairs - Staircase

Cantilever constructions

Cantilever constructions - Staircase

Glass stairs

Glass stairs - Staircase

Glass stairs with natural stone coating

Glass stairs with natural stone coating

Special parts for cantilevered

Special parts for cantilevered - Staircase