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Wachenfeld Facades

The main emphasis of our natural stone claddings is on the processing of sandstone. Our own stone production facility in conjunction with state-of-the-art anchorage systems are the decisive factors for the success of this product line

You will find an extensive reference list relating to this product line in section References » Facades.

Airport Hotel Dublin
Material: Golden Stone and Serpentin

Forsthaus Lelbach
Material: Sandstone

Bewleys Hotel Leeds
Material: Sandstone and Basalt

Bewleys Hotel Manchester Airport
Material: Sandstone and Basalt

Bewleys Hotel Dublin
Material: Sandstone and Basalt

Charlotte Quay
Material: Limestone and Granite

Gartenbau Kassel
Material: Vanga Gneis

Hotel Opera
Material: Sandstone Yellow

Hotel Lind Rietberg
Material: Sandstone Yellow


Marriott Hotel
Material: Sandstone Red and Juralimestone

Sparkasse Warburg
Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Villa Kassel
Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone" and Basalt

Villa "Simon"
Hammer right brick-work within the base range. Above behind-ventilated facade construction.

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Commerzbank Kiel
Renewal of the historical bank building behind-ventilated facade construction

Material: Scottish Sandstone

Christus Kirche Kassel
Material: Shelly limestone

Kassler Bank
Behind-ventilated Facade Construction

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

"Inselspitze Stralau" Berlin
Facade Construction

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Sandstone Profile Parts

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Modegeschäft Marburg
Historical Front

Material: Light red Sandstone

Kirche Wiesen
Facade- and massive construction

Material: Type " Waldecker" Sandstone

"Libori Galerie" Paderborn
Fronts construction detail

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone"

Hessischer Rundfunk Kassel
Fronts construction detail

Material: Porphyr

Forsthaus Grebe
Fronts Construction

Material: Sandstone "Golden Stone", Basalt

Villa Ultan Herr

Kreissparkasse Lippstadt

Hunzinger Frankfurt

Ashling Hotel

Hotel Europe, Killarney

Primark Essen
Material: Nero Assoluto


Material: Golden Stone

Mosa 1 Hinterlüftete Fassade
Material: Keramik

Mosa 2 Fassade
Material: Keramik

Schloß Arolsen